CSR Policy


We are committed to providing a service that exceeds continually the expectations of clients and candidates
alike. One of the ways in which Caval do this, is through a dedication to ensuring our services run in the most efficient, ethical and considerate manner, which not only benefits our clients, candidates and employees but the external environment.


  • Reducing the need for meetings by having a fully functional website for recruiters, candidates and clients to interact
  • Reduce paper waste by emailing all materials to clients, candidates or associates where possible.
  • Recycle materials within our office and recommend that our associates dispose of any hard copy materials from us in an environmentally friendly way
  • Create a sustainable working environment through applying guidelines and best practices provided by the Government and environmental agencies
  • Reducing energy emissions by switching off all electrics at the end of each day
  • Where possible using materials that are recycled or have been sourced ethically


Applying a health and safety policy as a fundamental part of Caval’s operations. This policy takes into account all of our associates, particularly candidates whose well being is paramount to us as a recruiter. We endorse fully the CSCS scheme to check our candidates accreditations prior to job placement.

  • Having honest and fair relationships with all our associates including clients, candidates and employees to ensure commitment and trust
  • Support equal opportunities and diversity throughout our organisations whether it be for our own staff or when recruiting candidates for our clients
  • Adhere strictly to REC guidelines


Provide staff with the training and skills needed to improve both their quality of work and future job prospects. This may be internally or externally through training courses and seminars. 

  • Offering incentives to staff with the view of rewarding hard work and helping towards maintaining a focused, driven team
  • Allow an allocated amount of time to members of staff who have volunteering or charitable commitments
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